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Showtec LED Commander Pro

The Showtec LED Commandor Pro is the upgrade of the LED Commandor. The LED Commandor Pro features displays above each channel fader that shows the current transmitter function. There are many different LED luminaires with different functions. The LED Commandor Pro solves this problem simply and efficiently: the user can give each channel function its own name and this is shown on the display. The display shows both the programmed name and the value of the channel.

Internal memory
In addition to the unique function of a display, this LED controller offers even more advantages. On the basis of the 8 adjustable channels it is possible to check the functionality of your LED par in the desired order. This controller also has a memory for 16 programmable scenes and 16 programmable chases and two extra channels that are very useful for foggers and strobes.

Showtec LED Commander Pro

Showtec LED Commander Pro


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