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Shadow SH SONIC Nanomag

The Shadow Sonic Nanomag is an easy-to fit preamp system for acoustic and classical guitar. Includes the NanoMAG fingerboard pickup. With the 2-band equalizer controls (bass and treble) you will be able to adjust your personal, acoustic sound easily. The preamp was designed for sonic clarity, ease of installation and preservation of your instrument. Shadow Sonic preamps are installed into the soundhole and there is no need to drill holes into your guitar. Due to active amplification directly at the pickup and 100% shielding of the entire system, no sound will be lost and no hum created. The Phase switch inverts the signal and cancels the overall feedback. The complete system is extremely light and weighs less than a 9V battery other preamps work with.

Shadow SH SONIC Nanomag

Comes with a NanoMAG fingerboard pickup and a high quality endpin connector
Soundhole fitted preamp
Battery life: 250h
Very lightweight system
Easy battery access (2 x 3V batteries)
Low battery warning indicator
Phase invert switch, volume, bass and treble controls

Shadow SH SONIC Nanomag


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