Sennheiser MMD 845 accessoire pour microphone
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Sennheiser MMD 845

Based on the E845 super cardioid dynamic vocal microphone capsule, the MMD 845-1 gives you incredible performance and dependability at an equally incredible price! And is able to handle high sound pressure levels and is very effective at rejecting feedback.

Sennheiser MMD 845

• The MMD 845-1 capsule is easily installed, includes a metal grille and replaces faulty or damaged capsules on the Sennheiser SKM835, G3 or SKM 2000 series handheld wireless transmitters.
• Uniform on-axis and off-axis response
• Add the MMD 845-1 to the SKM2000 wireless handheld system for quality Sound.
• Can be installed in seconds without tools.

Sennheiser MMD 845


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