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Presonus Monitor Station V2

Equip your studio with pro monitoring features for a song. Manage multiple audio sources and sets of monitor speakers, track using illegally loud headphone amplifiers, and talk back to your drummer—all from your desktop.

Consider your Sources
Switch quickly and easily between up to four audio sources with a selection of input types. Your personal studio is well equipped with a great interface (from PreSonus, of course!) and a CD player with an S/PDIF digital output. Perhaps you also need to listen to audio from a third source, such as a tape deck, or you want to be able to audition two different stereo mixes from the interface. The Monitor Station V2 provides a convenient desktop control center where you can switch between these sources without compromising the sound quality.

Switch between two pairs of balanced ¼” TRS and a third input channel that can be fed from an S/PDIF digital input (44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz), one pair of unbalanced RCA Aux inputs with gain control, and a 1/8” TRS unbalanced input that is summed with the RCA Aux inputs. A button switches between the analog Aux and digital S/PDIF inputs.

The Monitor Station allows each of the stereo inputs (TRS1, TRS2, aux) to be routed to one of two audio paths: Main and Cue. You also can route two separate signals (Main and Cue) to each of the four headphone amplifiers, which we’ll discuss shortly. For example, send a mix with a click track to the TRS 2 input while sending the main mix to TRS 1; you can then enable the headphone amplifiers to carry either the cue or the main mix. The main audio path always feeds what you will hear in the control room.

Manage your Destinations
Audition your music with your choice of three stereo pairs of speaker outputs, each with separate level control—and four screaming-loud headphone outs.

Your small monitors and your large monitors both sound great but they’re constructed differently and each reveals things the other doesn’t. That’s why you have both. And you have a beloved vintage set of monitors that you’ll never surrender. But if you have to manually repatch the three sets of monitors one more time, you’re going to freak out and dummy-slap an alligator. (We strongly urge you not to do that.) No worries! With Monitor Station V2, you can switch between the three sets of monitors instantly! Not only that, you can set each set of speakers’ level individually so that when you switch between speakers, your monitoring level stay the same.

Start with three left/right pairs of balanced ¼” TRS Speaker outputs, each with a level control. Add to that a left/right pair of line-level, balanced ¼” TRS Main outs and left and right balanced ¼” TRS Cue outputs with level control. The Main speaker level (but not the line-level outs) is controlled with a flagrantly large, blue knob on the Monitor Station V2’s control surface. All speakers can be simultaneously available, or just one pair at a time, or you can choose between speakers A and B, with speaker output C remaining active to feed a subwoofer.

Have it your way
The Monitor Station V2 offers a lot of powerful options that allow you to configure it for the way you like to work. Not only I/O, level controls, four headphone outputs and talkback, also a lot of customizable settings and much more.

Presonus Monitor Station V2

Inputs and Outputs
• 2 Stereo pairs of ¼” TRS inputs
• 1 Stereo pair of RCA Aux inputs
• 1 Stereo S/PDIF coaxial (RCA) digital input (44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz)
• 3 Stereo pairs of ¼” TRS speaker outputs with level controls
• 1 Stereo pair of ¼” TRS Main outputs
• 1 Stereo pair of ¼” TRS Cue outputs
• 4 ¼” TRS screaming-loud stereo headphone outputs


• Large Main level control
• 3 Individual Main Source (ST1, ST2, Aux) select switches
• 3 Individual Speaker Select switches
• Cue section with Source select (ST1, ST2, Aux) and output-level control
• Aux-S/PDIF Select switch
• Aux Input level control
• Main Mute, Mono, and Dim switches with variable Dim attenuation

Additional Features
• 8-segment color LED input meters with selectable reference level
• Built-in electret-condenser talkback microphone with input-gain control and Talkback button
• Convenient desktop design

Presonus Monitor Station V2

Presonus Monitor Station V2


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