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Numark Mixtrack 3

All-in-one controller solution for Virtual DJ. Similar to the PRO 3 but it includes Virtual DJ LE 8 and it doesn’t have the audio interface with ¼’ and 1/8” headphone connections. Designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind, the new controllers offer a multitude of features and performance attributes that set them above the entry-level class of product, yet they offer extraordinary value and easy transportability.

Building on the previous MIXTRACK models and retaining all the features and benefits that made them so incredibly popular, the new models share the same basic platform and boast several performance/feature characteristics that make them particularly satisfying and effective to use. A good example is the class-exclusive 100mm pitch sliders that make it simple to execute extremely fine pitch adjustments, so it’s easy to keep two cuts in beat sync without any drift. The conventional 60mm pitch sliders on competitive units can’t come close to matching the MIXTRACK’s performance in this critical area.

Numark Mixtrack 3

• Dedicated Filter knobs for each channel
• Multi-function Touch Strip for dynamic FX control and Track Search
• 16 multi-function performance pads
• All-new high resolution metal jog wheels
• Multiple FX manipulation
• Includes Virtual DJ LE 8
• Includes Prime Loops remix tool kit
• Dedicated track browsing controls from your library

Numark Mixtrack 3

Numark Mixtrack 3


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