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Medeli A100 Silver

Portable electronic keyboard, 61 touch sensitive keys, 2 x 10 watt. The A100S is the successor of the A100. The biggest improvement is the new keybed. It feels more sturdy like a professional organ/synthesizer/keyboard. The build quality of the buttons, knobs, pitch wheel and keys is astonishing. Also the A100S is equipped with an impressive 700 voices and 280 styles.You can even record and save your performance in the unit and share it with friends. Besides, you are able to connect it to a PC or laptop and access to different music softwares. You're also able to save settings to the 'registration' buttons. With the push of a button you'll open voice, style, metronome speed and much more.With a professionally tuned stereo system, A100S produces an impressively big sound. From the beautiful and dynamic sound to the high quality feel and touch, A100S provides almost everything an aspiring keyboardist will ever ask for.

Medeli A100 Silver

Keys: 61 keys with touch response
Display: LCD
Polyphony: 128
Voices: 700
Accompaniment Styles: 280
Registration Memory: 48
Songs: 120
Demo: 5
Recording: 1 track, 5 songs
Connections: DC-power, Headphone/Line-out (1/4" jack), Multi-functional pedal (1/4" jack), USB
Power supply: DC 12 volt/1000mA or 6 x AA batteries
Speakers: 2 x 10 watt, 4 Ohm
Dimensions: 970 x 370 x 142 mm
Weight: 6 kg without batteries
Included accessories: Power supply (MAD 12/1000), Music rest, manual

Medeli A100 Silver


Keyboard Package #1

Numéro d'article: B1124-282658

Medeli A100 Silver
Roland RH-5
Stagg KXSA4 Single Braced X Frame Keyboard Stand

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1x Medeli A100 Silver
1x Roland RH-5
1x Stagg KXSA4 Single Braced X Frame Keyboard Stand
1x Stagg KEBA20 X Bench Black
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