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Korg PC-2-PM

The Pitchclip 2, a further development of KORG's popular Pitchclip tuner, is an all-new clip-on tuner with a compact housing and simple operation that allows you to tune quickly and effortlessly. Simply put it on the headstock of your instrument, flip the switch, then strike a string and the tuner will show exactly the deviation from the tuning.
The Pitchclip 2 is designed from a player's point of view and features high tuning precision with excellent readability, an improved clip for even better clamping force and a display flip function for left-handed players.
The new Pitchclip 2 is designed to take and perform anywhere. Put it in your pocket or in your suitcase and you'll never be without it!

Korg PC-2-PM

Korg PC-2-PM


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