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Korg Pa4X 61 Musikant

Now optimalised for players who love to play 'Schlager' music. This Pa4X is completely the same as the regular model but has more built in sounds focused on playing 'Schlager' songs.

From the legendary Donca-matic to the world’s most popular workstations, KORG has spent decades innovating new technologies designed to propel every keyboard performance to the highest level of excellence. KORG’s flagship Pa4X Professional Arranger continues this tradition with incredible refinements to every aspect of the sound quality—and with enhanced performance capabilities. The Pa4X Professional Arranger is more than a keyboard. It’s your backup band; your accompanist; and your musical director. It’s your soundman; your effects engineer; and your always in-tune background singers.
Best of all—you’re always in charge!

Ideal for composing, recording, and combo use, the intuitive Pa4X really comes to life in the hands of the solo keyboard performer and entertainer. And nowhere else is the flawless operation and superior sound of one keyboard instrument more in the spotlight. To that end, every aspect of KORG’s industry-leading Professional Arranger series has been re-examined and improved, resulting in the Pa4X—an instrument without equal. The all-new EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis – Expanded) sound engine delivers unprecedented realism and highly detailed sounds, drawing on a massive PCM resource over 10 times larger than those found in previous models. KORG’s exclusive DNC (Defined Nuance Control) provides highly-articulate solo instruments. Partnerships with Waves Audio and TC Helicon provide state-of-the-art audio processing and vocal effects. Plus, there are tons of new instruments and drumkits, along with a massive infusion of Styles to cover a world of musical genres.

Korg Pa4X 61 Musikant

• 61 Semi-weighted keys
• Velocity sensitive with Aftertouch
• 128 Voice polyphony
• 1500 Sounds
• Around 200 additional sounds plus new multi samples (entertainment area)
• More than 500 styles
• Internal 500 GB hard disk
• New EDS X sound engine with streaming technology
• New multi samples and drum sounds
• Mastering effects from Waves Audio Ltd
• MAXX Suite (MaxxEQ, MaxxBass, MaxxVolume, MaxxTreble, MaxxStereo)
• TC Helicon Voice Live 2 voice processer
• Digital drawbar organ
• Sampling in Wave AIFF and SoundFront format
• Sequencer
• 512 User sound locations
• 128 Drum kit locations
• XDS Dual Sequencer with crossfade slider
• Plays MP3, MP3+G, KAR and Midi
• 16 Track sequencer
• Audio recorder
• Songbook music database
• Compatible with all "i" and "Pa" models
• Ribbon controller
• 8 Definable faders
• 7" Colour TouchView TFT display
• Micro SD card slot
• USB to host
• USB to device
• Audio out L/R and individual output 1 and 2
• Video out
• XLR / TRS microphone input with phantom power
• Headphone output
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 980 x 364 x 126 mm
• Weight: 13.9 kg

Korg Pa4X 61 Musikant

Korg Pa4X 61 Musikant


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