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Korg Minilogue

Synthétiseur analogique de 37 touches avec polyphonie de 4 voix. Puissant, élégant et flexible : des possibilités de programmation totale le tout à un prix exceptionnel ! Il comporte aussi des oscillateurs affichant la forme d’onde, séquenceur 16 pistes.

Korg Minilogue

Korg minilogue Analog Synthesizer Keyboard Features:
• Powerful 4-voice analog synthesizer with flexible sound-design tools onboard
• Fully programable analog controls, with 200 program memories and 100 presets
• Analog signal path includes 2 x VCOs, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA, and 1LFO
• Shape controls allow you to dial in harmonic content in any of the oscillators' 4 waveforms
• Voice Modes allow you to define your sound in 8 highly creative ways
• 16-step sequencer includes realtime motion recording and step programming
• Monitor waveform shaping via the onboard OLED oscilloscope display
• Cross modulation, oscillator sync, and ring modulator let you further shape your sound
• Switchable 2-/4-pole lowpass filter with resonance provides subtractive synthesis
• Modulate many parameters with a ADSR envelope and an LFO
• Tape-style delay effect includes a dedicated highpass filter
• Stylish yet rugged design includes chassis-mounted pots and rubber-coated knobs
• USB plus MIDI and sync I/O provide easy connectivity with your other synth gear

Korg Minilogue

Een echte aanrader!! Zeker voor beginners maar ook voor professionals. Sounddesign at his best!!

Korg Minilogue


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