Jupiter JAS1100Q - Eb Altsaxofoon

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Jupiter JAS1100Q - Eb Altsaxofoon

The saxophone for every stage!
The solid workmanship with blue steel springs, valve couplings and adjustment screws for numerous machine heads as well as metal resonators meet the requirements of professional musicians. With the individually adjustable “Palm Keys” even super-fast walks can be effortlessly tackled. In addition to the high-quality finish and the mechanics, this instrument also offers a unique sound!

Jupiter JAS1100Q - Eb Altsaxofoon

• Mood: Eb
• “Sona Pur”-S-bend: brass, gold lacquer with stopper, protective ring and resonance shield
• Body: brass, gold lacquer
• Mechanism: brass, gold lacquer
• High-Fis Valve
• C#-Bb valve lever
• Adjustable metal thumb hook
• Adjustable stop felts
• Blue steel springs
• Removable cup
• Adjustable side flaps (palm keys)
• Adjustable Gis and B Keys
• Octave key adjustment screw on the body for adjustment of the middle G
• PISONI pads with metal resonators
• Separate set screws (D, E, F, A, B) on the valve couplings
• Body octave valve adjustment screw (rocker)
• Phosphorbronze leaf springs
• Engraving on the cup
• Mouthpiece with ligature and cap, accessories
• Accessories

Jupiter JAS1100Q - Eb Altsaxofoon


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