J.Leiva Junior cajon/yambú
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J.Leiva Junior

Pour les petits champions et «princesses / rois» de la maison. Toute l'expérience de la marque à la disposition des enfants, sans renoncer à la qualité comme principale caractéristique.

J.Leiva Junior

• Sizes: 34 cm Height, 23 cm Width, 23 cm Depth.
• Chassis: Birch/beech plywood (11 mm thickness) in the whole chassis, joined together with water based glue. Silicone spikes with reduced contact area, and disconnection from the floor.
• Front Panel: Mokaly plywood (3 mm). With direct serigraphy and cellulose protection.
• Tuning System: D.T.S. or Direct Tuning System with two guitar strings localised vertically (V-form) and tunable from outside the cajon without the need of keys or other tools.

J.Leiva Junior


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