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Hal Leonard Absolute Beginners Acoustic Guitar

The Absolute Beginners: Acoustic Guitar course has been designed to tell you everything you need to know from the very first time you pick up your instrument. Featuring step-by-step pictures which take you from first day exercises to playing along with backing tracks; including hammer-on, fingerpicking styles, use of capos, a handy chord library and much more.

Acoustic Guitar
Absolute Beginners: Acoustic Guitar is a comprehensive introduction to playing the acoustic guitar, from comparing instruments to playing your very first chords and scales. Covering a variety of easy exercises with clear pictures, practical advice and easy-to-use audio downloads, this is the essential introductory book for anyone wanting to learn this fantastic instrument.

Hal Leonard Absolute Beginners Acoustic Guitar

• Parts of the Guitar
• Choosing a Guitar
• Types of Steel-string Guitars
• Plectrum vs Fingers
• About Strings
• Tuning Your Guitar
• Holding hte Guitar
• First Chords
• Simple Strumming
• Next Chords
• More Strumming
• Reading Tablature
• Playing a Melody
• Basic Fingerpicking
• Even More Chords
• Strumming Workout
• Alternating Bass
• Fingerpicking with Alternating Bass
• Twelve-bar Blues
• Hammer-ons and Pull-offs
• Fingerpicking with Hammer-ons and Pull-offs
• The 3/4 Time Signature
• Using a Capo

Hal Leonard Absolute Beginners Acoustic Guitar

Hal Leonard Absolute Beginners Acoustic Guitar


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