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Farida FLP 26 HTS

Something truly individual, the FLP26 has a sound as clear and precise as its appearance.This model has all the bite and sustain you would expect from a guitar cut from solid African mahogany, perfectly boosted by specially designed twin soapbar pick-ups.The slimline, lightweight body is fantastically comfortable, with the neck join contoured for maximum player comfort.The FLP 26 was awarded a maximum five stars when reviewed by Total Guitar magazine, and won their much coveted Best Buy award.

Farida FLP 26 HTS

• Type: Electric
• Body: Mahogany
• Neck: Mahogany
• Neck Join: Set Neck
• Fingerboard: Sonokelin
• Scale: 635mm
• Pickup: H-H (Alnico)
• Control: 2V, 2T
• Machine Head: Grover
• Bridge: Wilkinson
• Hardware: Chrome

Farida FLP 26 HTS


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