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Denon DN500C

The DN-500C CD / iPod player allows greater control over audio than a simple consumer CD player with playback capabilities tailored for professional use. The 500C integrates traditional CD playback and a fully retractable iPod dock with helpful features such as ‘power on play’ allowing a pre-selected source to be played automatically when the device receives power and a full numeric keypad that gives direct access to any track on the CD or program list.

The DN-500C has an on-board BPM counter which can be checked simultaneously with Pitch control usage ideal for fitness and exercise or dance classes. An additional Master Key function allows the original key of the music to be maintained while the tempo is being altered, useful for any musical/singing applications when playing back using a CD.

Disc sources aren’t restricted either, with the flexibility to play audio data from CD-R/RWs (including WAV and MP3), which is ideal for use with the pitch controls. Additionally, the DN-500C allows connection of a variety of external devices to the front via the aux input, including: laptops, smartphones, MP3 players and more. Furthermore, if you have an iPod, then simply dock it on the front mounted dock and easily playback files from the iPod directly using the transport controls or included IR remote of the DN-500C.

Denon DN500C

• CD and WAV, MP3 playback
• Retractable front-mounted iPod Dock
• Pitch control (CD) function
• Master key control
• Direct track selection using 0-9 numeric buttons
• Automatic BPM counter and display
• Auxiliary input
• SPDIF digital output
• 19-inch rack mountable
• 2U removable rack kit included
• Small, wearable IR remote control included
• Detachable, IEC-weighted AC inlet

Denon DN500C

Denon DN500C


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