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by Galiano Handfree Bogart

How many new patterns could you create if you could borrow one more hand? How many times have you wished you had a third hand while playing congas, cajon or bongos to play another instrument or effect?

The Aetnica HANDFREE by Galiano liberates your hands by offering a lot of new possibilities. Percussionists often prefer playing without having to grab and put away drum sticks all the time. With the HandFree, there's no more need for that!

Place the HandFree on a cymbal stand or mount and put your sticks, brushes, mallets, etc. through the HandFree to play cymbals, drums and small percussion - it is perfect for playing cymbals, cowbells, blocks, drums and all kinds of other effects.

White. Hard. Perfect and automatic response. Its rigidity adds to consistency and stability.

by Galiano Handfree Bogart

• Dimensions: 40 x 60 x 30 mm
• Stick hole: 15 x 10 mm Support Hole: 6 x 30 mm Special Gum
• Non slidding
• Flexible

by Galiano Handfree Bogart

by Galiano Handfree Bogart


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