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Blackstar HT Metal

The HT-METAL valve distortion pedal is a no-compromise, two channel, ultra high gain, filth machine. Powered by true 300V high-voltage valve circuitry, this pedal offers cascaded tube gain stages and authentic tube amp response. Each ultra-high gain channel offers its own gain and volume controls. Channel 1 is equipped with a Clean/Overdrive switch. The three-band EQ includes Blackstar's patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control, which re-voices the entire tone stack from British Heavy Metal to US High Gain. No compromises, no excuses, no apologies - stay Metal!

Blackstar HT Metal

• Genuine valve design
• Operates at 300V HT
• Cascaded valve gain stages
• Extreme Gain and Tone
• Responds like a valve amp
• 2 channel operation
• Clean, Overdrive and Super High Gain Lead modes
• Unique switching operation
• Unique enhanced tone controls
• Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
• Fully equipped for stage or studio
• Speaker emulated output
• High integrity buffered bypass
• Power supply included
• Silent switching

Blackstar HT Metal

Blackstar HT Metal


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