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The aD5 reproduces the purest of sounds, non-compressed, exactly as a player needs. Designed to suit everyone, from the fastest of drummers to first-day beginners, aD5 brings unparalleled precision and quality to your performance.

From delicate soft ghost notes to smashing hard hits; aD5 will astonish you due to its state of the art sensing technology and hi-speed response. We firmly believe that a musical instrument has the power to inspire people. This is not something revealed through functions and specs but from emotion.

aD5 is designed as a true instrument, with fine craftsmanship showing years of experience. From its refined shape and its smooth surface to its intuitive user interface, it is destined to become a timeless classic. An instrument “made in Japan” - with precision on both inside as well as outside.

• Natural Sound Quality
• Hi-resolution stereo
• Wide dynamic range
• Lowest latency ever accomplished
• Precision design

The aD5 can be used with pads from various brands - Roland, Yamaha and DrumTec. Due to its updatable capability, new pads will be added in future versions. aD5 is capable of reproducing the exact non-compressed sound a player needs, using a huge memory and stereo sound engine for pure audio output quality. With a refined sensing technology, each hit sounds different, just like an acoustic. These advances allowed it to have the fastest response in the market. An instrument delicately Designed, Engineered and Made in Japan to bring the best sound to all drummers.
Fabriqué au Japon

Accessoires inclus :

  • Alimentation
  • Cable Breakout


Drum Kits
• 5 kits (Can be added)

Pad Inputs
• Kick
• Snare (3 zones)
• Tom 1 Tom 2 Tom 3
• Hi-Hat (2 zones)
• Crash Cymbal (2 zones)
• Ride Cymbal (3 zones)
• Aux1 Aux 2(2 zones)
• Hi-Hat control pedal

• ATV Link: RJ45 LAN connector
• Audio In: Stereo mini-phone
• Aux Trigger Input 1/2: TRS phone
• DC In: Only for the included AC adapter
• Multi Trigger Input: Dedicated multi-connector
• Output (L/R): Mono phone x 2
• Phones
• SD Card: SD/SDHC card
• USB 2.0 Type B connector (High Speed)

197 (W) x 144 (D) x 73 (H) mm

1,1 kg

• AC Adapter
• Multi trigger cable
• Owner’s Manual
• Stand adapter




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