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Arturia MicroBrute

MicroBrute is the tiny analog synth with vast possibilities. Based on the award-winning designs of its brother, the MiniBrute, the MicroBrute puts all the essential building blocks of an analog classic into a package that’s pure hands-on fun. If you’re new to synths, you’re looking at one of the easiest to use and most unique sounding synthesizers we think money can buy. And if you’re a synth veteran, wait till you hear how it sounds.

A legend at your fingertips
Rip woofers from their housings with bass. Spend years coaxing different pads, leads, effects, wave-folded growls, vintage tones, modern tones, punchy drum kits and glittering sequences. Process audio. Sequence analog gear. Give your modular a new LFO and Envelope Generator. Hook up to your DAW and make whole tracks. Hook up to your Drumtracks, open your door, and play a whole gig. Tiny in size, tiny in price, huge in sound, and vast in potential. We’ve had so much fun with MicroBrute: Now it’s your turn.

Vintage Sound with modern connectivity
The MicroBrute allows you to connect to vintage gear via standard 1-Volt per octave CV/ Gate. The MIDI In jack makes the MicroBrute the perfect sound module expansion to a MIDI rig. The USB/MIDI interface will allow your MicroBrute to connect with your favorite software application. This combination of interfaces makes MicroBrute a great companion to a monolithic modular system, a classic MIDI equipped keyboard or a modern laptop.

Step Sequencer
Our new step sequencer is a source of endless inspiration. You can input notes and rests creating rhythmic patterns that you can playback and switch between. Transpose your sequences up and down using the keyboard and you will have a new composing tool that will open up fresh ideas.

Mod Matrix
Enter the Matrix. With MicroBrute you are totally free to set the modulation paths you want. The Mod Matrix is a patchable system of modulation routing. This flexible scheme gives you not only new ways to create your own sounds, but it allows for excellent interfacing with a MiniBrute or modular synths.

Arturia MicroBrute

Box content
• MicroBrute synthesizer
• User manual
• Preset sheets
• Power supply
• 2 mini jack patch cords

Size & weight
• Instrument size: 325x221x60mm
• Instrument weight: 1.750 Kg

Main features:
• Monophonic synthesizer
• 100% Analog Audio Signal Path
• Steiner-Parker 2 pole Multimode Filter (Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass)
• Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator
• Oscillator Mixer (Overtone, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, audio in (on rear panel))
• ‘Overtone’ sub oscillator/5th generator

Signal Enhancers :
• Pulse Width Modulation
• Ultrasaw generating fat sawtooth waveforms
• Metalizer bringing extreme harmonics

• Brute Factor™ delivering saturation and rich harmonics
• LFO with 3 waveforms (Sine, Sawtooth, Square)
• LFO clock syncable to Arpeggiator (Arpeg, or free).
• ADSR Envelope Generator
• Keyboard Tracking on the VCF Cutoff
• 25 note minikey keyboard
• Mod Wheel (assignable to Cutoff, or LFO amount)
• Pitch Wheel (with selectable bend range via software)
• Octave selector from -2 to +2 octaves
• External Analog Audio Input
• CV In jacks: Pitch, Filter, sub-harmonics, pulse width, metalizer, saw animator
• CV Out jacks: pitch, envelope, LFO
• MIDI Inwith 5 pin DIN connector
• 1/4” Audio Output and 1/8” Headphone Output

Full Function step sequencer :
• 8 memories
• up to 64 steps per memory
• tap tempo
• rate control
• step divisions (via software)
• trigger modes (via software)

• MIDI Sync
• Steel bottom panel
• 12V DC 1A power supply

Arturia MicroBrute

De sound van de synth is fantastisch en is zeer gemakkelijk om mee te werken. Dit product is vanuit mijn ervaring een van de beste synths nu op de markt. Dit raad ik aan voor beginners en voor professionals.
Amazing music instrument. Very aggressive. But a complete synthesizer for those starting with analog.
Kleine synthesizer met enorm veel mogelijkheden. Van dikke baslijnen tot scherpe leads, ze zijn allemaal op deze MicroBrute te maken. Enige nadeel is wel dat je sounds niet op te slaan zijn, dus je moet zelf een goede database aanmaken van de settings. De step sequencer is een leuke toevoeging, helaas niet de mogelijkheid om sequences direct in triolen te laten afspelen (via workaround wel), maar verder werkt het perfect. Al met al een leuke synthesizer voor zowel de beginnende muzikant als voor de gevorderde producer!
Het product doet alles wat ik ervan verwacht had. Het mist wel de functionaliteiten die digitale aparaten hebben, zoals het opslaan van presets e.d. Maar het voordeel is dan wel dat het minder kost

Arturia MicroBrute