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Aphex 454 headpod

4 independent stereo power amplifiers for ultra low crosstalk and efficiency
Doesn't load down existing headphone outputs, improving their sound
Durable metal construction, sleek design and small size
Analog and digital inputs with top panel selector

Professional Monitoring for ALL headphone types

If the headphone output on your existing gear just isn't loud and clear enough, or you need multiple headphone outputs with independent level controls, the HeadPod 4 delivers.

But the HeadPod 4 gives you more than just volume. It's designed to deliver clean, clear, undistorted sound at any level - ideal for long periods of listening without fatigue.

The input signal can be fed from separate balanced connections; a single extension from your existing headphone output; or digitally via S/PDIF. Since it places no load on your existing headphone output, your audio will actually sound better through the HeadPod 4.

Four fully independent amplifiers ensure maximum efficiency with minimum crosstalk and distortion, even when all four outputs have completely different sets of headphones connected. Housed in a rugged, metal chassis, the HeadPod 4 is ready for any environment from the desktop to the rehearsal room, with its optional mic stand bracket.

Whether you're a musician, audio engineer, broadcaster or just over old, tired headphone outputs, the HeadPod 4 is for you.

Aphex 454 headpod


Professional Monitoring for ALL headphone types
Individual volume controls
High headroom (no clipping at high headphone levels)
Durable metal jacks
Ultra low distortion & wide frequency response
Master volume to match source level
Ultra low crosstalk
Works from any analog source
S/PDIF Input
Top panel input selection
Listen longer with less fatigue
Overcomes limitations of typical headphone outputs
Four independent stereo power amplifiers
Small size travels easily

Aphex 454 headpod

Aphex 454 headpod


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