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Afroton ACA905C Caisa

The caisa is a convex steeldrum which has been specially designed to be played with fingers, hands or short mallets. The long awaited instrument consists of two parts. The upper half is a round dome of special steel with a diamter of 60 cm, from which a metal plate is suspended. The two parts are connected by ropes, permitting an ideal resonance. Three openings in the bottom permit secure attachment to a snare drum stand.

The caisa is made by hand without pre-formed parts. The production begins by shaping the metal dome, which is carefully hammered to the right proportion. At this stage each caisa develops its characteristic basic vibration. As the caisa has an acoustically closed shape, its manufacture is significantly more difficult than the making of a steeldrum.

To bring out the best in each instrument, the producer uses a range of special techniques. In some cases, the sound-spaces are surrounded by small holes, the lower rim is acoustically angled and the tones are given a specific bulge. Each caisa is a unique instrument with its very own visual and acoustic characteristics.

The instrument is ideal for percussionists, professionals and amateurs, who want to fall in love with an easily accessible, portable instrument. The sound experience caisa enchants all ages.

C-pentatonic G centre, A C' D' E' G' A' C" D" E"

Afroton ACA905C Caisa

Afroton ACA905C Caisa

Afroton ACA905C Caisa