Waldorf Iridium desktop synthesizer

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Waldorf Iridium desktop synthesizer

Waldorf Iridium has made the impossible possible.
The mighty synth engine from Quantum is now available in a compact form.
Tracing the footsteps of its bigger brother, Iridium features all the synthesis elements of Quantum as well in a rack-compatible format.
The combination of the powerful engine, incredible flexibility and detailed sound shaping facilities creates sheer endless possibilities of sound.
Yet, the comprehensive layout and easy-to-understand structure lets you design your own sounds in no time.
Sporting a solid metal casing and the same high level of craftsmanship like Quantum, Iridium is now ready to take over studios and stages throughout the world.

Waldorf Iridium desktop synthesizer

Waldorf Iridium
16-voice polyphony, duo-timbral
Compatible with the Waldorf Quantum synth engine

3 Oscillators
Oscillator Modes:
Waveform (VA)
Particle (Sampling and Granular Sampling)
Kernels (up to 6 sub-oscillators which can be interlinked through FM at audio rate)

3 Stereo Filters per voice
True stereo path

Dual Digital Filter:
Two filters with independable modes
12/24dB LP/HP/BP in all combinations
Nave, Largo, PPG, Quantum and StateVariable models

Digital Former:
Filter models from Waldorf Nave, Largo and PPG in HP/LP/BP/Notch
Comb filter
StateVariable mode
Analyzer displayed in Filter view
Filter curve moves when modulated (optional)
Sophisticated filter routing options with modulatable panning and levels

6 Envelopes
6 LFOs
Komplex Modulator (LFO/Envelope combination with user-definable shape)

Mod Matrix:
40 slots
Fast assign mode
One additional control amount per slot
Identical Sources and Destinations can be used multiple times until the matrix is full

4x4 silicon pad matrix with RGB backlights
Pads can play notes, chords, arpeggios and sequences
Latch mode

Performance features:
Step sequencer with up to 32 steps for notes and parameters
Favorites screen for quick patch recall
Onscreen Mod Wheel, Pitch Bend and Aftertouch

Industrial-grade highly responsive touch screen

Over 1000 factory sounds
Capacity of 7000 patch memory slots (numbers 0000-9999 can be used)
Patches from Quantum can be loaded and vice-versa
Category filter for patch list
2GB user sample flash memory

2x TS output
2x TS input
Headphones output with Gain control
DIN MIDI In/Out/Thru
USB host for storage and MIDI devices
MicroSD slot
Kensington® lock

CV connections:
4 CV inputs plus Gate In, Trigger In, Clock In, Clock Out
Inputs can be used as modulation sources in the Mod Matrix

Sturdy metal case with aluminum knobs
Dimensions: 440mm wide by 305mm depth by 85mm height (including controls)
Weight: 5.4kg
19" rack assembly parts available in near future

Waldorf Iridium desktop synthesizer


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