V-Moda Zn 3-Button Black

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V-Moda Zn 3-Button Black

The first In-Ear headphones released by V-MODA in four years have been developed to be the mobile and active weapon of choice for the modern audiophile. Zn delivers unrivaled sound quality staying true to V-MODA’s tradition of luxurious materials and Italian design.

The limited edition Zn (zinc element symbol) has been tuned to exceed V-MODA’s relentless standards that have won over 24 editors’ choice awards on its previous two wired headphones.

• Best Sound Engineering in the Industry - Live, neutral and organic sound tuned to V-MODA's relentless award-winning principles.
• Outstanding Dynamic 8mm Driver - Extremely accurate with impossibly low distortion, unrivaled speaker driver consistency "hand-tuned" to complement the human hearing limit variance (+/- 2dB).
• Zinc Metal Housing - A Zn (Zinc) metal alloy housing delivers unique, balanced sound and stress free acoustics and is forged by a patented liquid metal casting process.
• Limited Custom-Made Filters - The acoustic filters, installed between the driver and the housing that control the airflow mechanics, are the gatekeepers of golden acoustics; these “made in Italy” filters are from a limited supply, making Zn even more unique as a design and performance stalwart.

V-Moda Zn 3-Button Black

V-Moda Zn 3-Button Black

goede koptelefoon , laat alle tonen goed horen

V-Moda Zn 3-Button Black


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