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Universal Audio Golden Reverberator

From the dense sound of 1950’s studio plates, to tubedriven spring reverb of classic 1960's guitar amps, and endless algorithmic wonder of vintage digital reverbs, Golden Reverberator packs decades of iconic reverb sounds into a single, beautifully-crafted stompbox. Spring 65, Plate 140, and Hall 224 effects, each with available modulation, offer an essential palette of vintage reverb textures.

Universal Audio Golden Reverberator

• Simple Live and Preset modes for instant recall of your favorite sound
• Additional downloadable effects by the world-renowned UAD algorithm team
• True or buffered bypass* with trails, silent switching
• Analog dry through, stereo/dual mono operation
• Classic UA analog design and robust craftsmanship, built to last decades

Universal Audio Golden Reverberator


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