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Ultrasone PRO 780i

Legendary sound with a professional look and patented S-Logic® PLUS technology for use in the studio, live and at home.

As the successor to the popular HFI 780, the PRO 780i offers all the acoustic qualities of its predecessor: clean bass, clear trebles and a balanced overall sound. However, the new model offers a choice of artificial leather or velour ear cushions.

Patented S-Logic® Plus technology ensures that the stereo soundstage and depth are rendered with outstanding clarity. When combined with the increased comfort of the PRO 780i, S-Logic® PLUS also allows for fatigue-free use even over longer periods.

The PRO 780i is distinguished by qualities such as high-quality workmanship, the best selection of materials and a long lifespan. The design with the black headband and the silver-grey ear cups is as stylish as it is discreet. As a result, the PRO 780i will quickly become a cherished companion – in the studio, on the stage or at home.

Ultrasone PRO 780i

• Closed-back design, exceptional isolation
• Neutral sound with excellent dynamics
• Great for recording, mixing engineers and studio singers
• Ideal for lovers of audiophile pop, jazz and classical music
• Patented S-Logic® Plus natural surround sound technology
• Impressive stereo image with exceptional depth
• No ear fatigue even during long listening sessions
• 40 mm Mylar drivers, impedance: 32 Ohm
• Frequency range: 10 – 26.000 Hz
• MU metal shielding protects ears from electromagnetic radiation
• Sturdy collapsible design
• Fixed 2,5 m cable with mit 3,5 mm TRS plug
• 2 replaceable pairs of ear pads (leatherette and velour)
• Incl. threaded 1/4” TRS adapter
• Incl. travel pouch

Ultrasone PRO 780i


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