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Toontrack The Classic EZX

The Classic EZX is a contemporary sounding drum library, bringing together all that is good about modern recording techniques with the sound of a classic Helios recording console. This rare piece of equipment is known to have shaped the production on albums by bands like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Who. Still after almost 40 years in existence it’s considered one of the best sounding of all time.

The Classic EZX was recorded by award-winning engineer Peter Henderson (Paul McCartney, Rush, Frank Zappa) and drummer Chris Whitten (Edie Brickell, The Waterboys) at the classic Shorefire Recording Studio in New Jersey. It comes with three (3) complete kits with several choices for alternative instruments – all perfectly tuned, handpicked instruments. The Classic EZX also presents a unique feature in the form of giving you two different setups; one contemporary multiple microphone and one with only four microphones, a so called “4 mic setup”. This setup is what helped shape the unique and organic production on many big albums of the 1970s – a sound that is making an evident resurgence in the music at the top of the charts of today.

Be it a slamming 1970s rock song or a slim and tight contemporary pop track – the sounds of The Classic EZX will sit right in any mix.

Toontrack The Classic EZX

Instrument List
Noble & Cooley Horizon Series:
8 x 10?, 9 x 12?, 10 x 14? and 14 x 16? Concert Toms, 16 x 24? bass drum.
Toms fitted with Remo CS Black Dot batters, then Evans G2 Coated batters.

Yamaha 9000 Series Recording Custom:
8 x 10?, 9 x 12?, 10 x 13? mounted toms, 16 x 16? floor tom, 16 x 22? bass drum.
Toms fitted with Remo Coated Ambassador batters.

Craviotto Ash, Single-ply kit:
9 x 13? mounted tom, 16 x 16? and 16 x 18? floor toms.
Remo Coated Ambassador batters. 14 x 22? Bass drum.

7 x 14? Craviotto single-ply maple snare drum.
5 x 14? Noble & Cooley Classic, single-ply maple snare drum.
6.5 x 14? Ludwig Supraphonic (1970s), in two separate tunings.
6.5 x 14? Ludwig & Leedy brass snare drum (1940s).

14? K Zildjian
15? A Zildjian Hi Hats (1970s)
14? Paiste Formula 602 Heavy Hihat (blue label)

22? K Zildjian Custom Dark Ride
22? Paiste Formula 602 Heavy Ride (blue label)

18? K Zildjian Constantinople Crash
19? K Zildjian Dark Thin Crash
20? K Zildjian Crash Ride
20? Zildjian EAK Crash Ride
16? Sabian Evolution HHX Crash
18? Crash Sabian Evolution HHX

6? A Zildjian Splash
8? K Zildjian Splash
10? K Zildjian Splash

Toontrack The Classic EZX


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