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TC Electronic Switch 3

You wanna push your gear to peak performance, squeeze every ounce of tone out of it and instantly recall the sounds you need. Switch-3 allows you to do just that with this ultra-robust control unit that is tailormade to give you extended control on your Nova System, Nova Drive, BG250 Bass Combo or BH250 Bass Micro Head.

Nothing but sturdy hard-wearing quality known from other TC products built to endure life on the road. 3-button full-metal casing standard footswitch available for Nova System, giving you remote control of Nova System features such as preset up/down, bypass, effects mute, tap tempo, etc.

When using Switch-3 with BG250 the first switch operates as a mute. The second switches the TubeDrive on and off. The third switches TonePrint on and off.

When using Switch-3 with BH250 the first switch is mute. The second switches TonePrint on and off. The third switches between the two latest TonePrints loaded into the amp, giving you the option of storing and using two TonePrints.

TC Electronic Switch 3

Nova System
• Switch Banks
• Switch Presets
• Mute
• Bypass
• Tap-tempo
• Etc...

BG250 Bass Combo
• Switch 1: Mute
• Switch 2: TubeDrive on/off
• Switch 3: TonePrint on/off

BH250 Bass Head
• Switch 1: Mute
• Switch 2: TonePrint on/off
• Switch 3: Toggle Last Two TonePrints

TC Electronic Switch 3

Prima switch. Doet alles correct.
Dit switchpedaal doet goed wat het moet doen en is gebouwd als een tank, dus praktisch onverwoestbaar.

TC Electronic Switch 3