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T-Rex Alberta II

Since the introduction of the Alberta overdrive, guitarists have embraced the tonal qualities and ease of use of the pedal. So much, that quite a few are using two Albertas to get their fix on stage and in the studio, using one for creamy rhythm sounds and the other for a cutting solo sound. T-Rex have been asked to come up with a pedal that does this and more, but stays true to the sound, usability and size of the old girl. On popular demand from guitarists around the world, we give you the Alberta II! The classic overdrive sound has doubled in quantity, but the sonic footprint and physical size is the same, giving the user a three step rocket of creamy, responsive overdrive without sacrificing pedalboard real estate.

2 Albertas in 1
With two channels of overdrive, you can now get the clean sound from your amp, a nice “on-the-edge” overdrive from one channel and a punchy rock sound from the other channel, or go from a medium boost to a fat, clean-ish boost to push the front end of your amp.

New fat switches and ch. 2 tweaks
Need a low-end boost for those “stratty” moments? Now you can flip a switch for an even thicker tone on either channel of the Alberta II, expanding the tonal range and usage further than was possible before. We´ve also given channel 2 a slightly more open and punchy sound, for a little more pick attack and push, but with the same voice of channel 1. Just like its little sister, the Alberta II can serve up more than a nice Blues on the Rocks, so don´t judge this book by its cover. Thanks to the added features, there´s a wide range of sounds hidden inside, that will get the job done for players in all music genres.

T-Rex Alberta II

• The blue tone in a box!
• Two great transparent overdrives
• One less compressed, and open sounding
• Sounds like a quality tube amp breaking up

Input impedance @ 1KHz
• Higher than 1M Ohm

Output impedance @ 1KHz
• Lower than 1K Ohm

Power supply
• 9V DC (T- Rex FuelTank)

Minimum power supply voltage
• 8V DC

Maximum power supply voltage
• 12,5V DC

Current draw @ 9V DC
• 20mA

Maximum input signal Vp/p
• 3Vp/p

Battery type
• 9V battery 6F22

Battery life
• 5 to 8 hour

External connectors
• Input Jack, Output Jack,
• 9V DC Jack

• On/Off switch 1,
• On/Off switch 2,
• Level 1, Level 2,
• Gain 1, Gain 2,
• Tone 1, Tone 2,
• Fat 1 and Fat 2

Pedal size incl. knobs (WxHxD)
• 100 x 55 x 120 mm
• 3,9 x 2,2 x 4,7 inch

Weight excl. battery and packaging
• 0,350 kg / 12,3 oz

T-Rex Alberta II

T-Rex Alberta II