SML Paris SC620 saxophone soprano
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SML Paris SC620

Intended for the discerning enthusiast. The NATION series is also designed for professional musicians looking for a budget-friendly second instrument. The ergonomics have been taken care of and the workmanship is better than what you would expect in this price range.
Brass gold lacquer.

SML Paris SC620

• Key: Sib / B flat
• Finish: neck, body, curve, bell and flaps in brass gold lacquer
• Valves: high Fa # / Fis valve
• Metal thumb rest
• Protective caps for low nuts equipped with adjustable screws
• Removable bend
• Engraving on cup
• Included accessories: case backpack model with compartments for scores and accessories, an SML Paris mouthpiece, a BG kit with Flex ligature, a neck strap, a pull-through squeegee, a cloth, pad dryer and mouthpiece adhesive

SML Paris SC620


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