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Slikz Guitar Tattoo Psychedelic Dragons

Pimp' your guitar with this gift stickers and give your guitar a completely unique look!

The guitar you choose says a lot about your personal style ... and now you can easily guitarist a completely new look to give your guitar with this guitar decal Slikz.

Slikz Guitar Tattoo has an exclusive series of removable tattoo designs created by world-renowned tattoo artists. Guitar Tattoos is a collaboration between Tattoo (the world's largest seller of tattoo designs based in Atlanta) and Slikz ™ (a graphics company located in Newburyport, Massachusetts).

The possibilities with Silkz Guitar Tattoos are limited only by your imagination!

Slikz Guitar Tattoo Psychedelic Dragons

Silkz Guitar Tattoos are made in the USA of a glue-free, high-quality retaining vinyl. Guitar Tattoos are easy to apply, remove and reuse. The carved designs are sold in complete sets, giving guitarists a variety of Guitar Tattoo sizes and shapes to choose from.

Slikz Guitar Tattoo Psychedelic Dragons


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