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Showtec FQ30-200B

The ShowTec FQ30-200B is a box (square) truss truss part with a length of 200cm and a black finish. This comes with a set of connectors.

The ShowTec FQ30 system is a popular truss system for discotheques, stages, theaters and many other applications. The main carriers of the ShowTec FQ30 truss are made of 50mm aluminum pipe with a wall thickness of 2mm.

There is also a ladder variant (FS30) and a trio variant (FT30) of the ShowTec FQ30 truss.

Specific sizes FQ30-200B:

Length: 200cm.

Showtec FQ30-200B

Showtec FQ30-200B

Showtec FQ30-200B


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