Sabian 17 HHX Complex Thin Crash

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Sabian 17 HHX Complex Thin Crash

Using trickle down technology gleaned from years of developing some of the world’s top selling cymbals lines like Evolution, Legacy, and even Artisan, SABIAN introduces HHX Complex, a new line of exquisitely dark crash cymbals. The 17” Complex Crash employs a combination of HH and HHX hammering, a raw hammered bell, and a number of the aforementioned proprietary techniques – resulting in one of the richest, sweetest Crash cymbals SABIAN has ever produced. The versatility to easily cross musical styles has always been a hallmark of the HHX line, and the 17” HHX Complex Thin Crash is no exception.

Sabian 17 HHX Complex Thin Crash

• 17" Crash Cymbal
• HHX Complex Series
• B20 Bronze Material
• Made using a combination of HH- and HHX- hammer work
• Hammered Bel
• Full and warm character
• Universally applicable

Sabian 17 HHX Complex Thin Crash


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