RTOM MoonGel Damper Pads Blue

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RTOM MoonGel Damper Pads Blue

Over 25 years ago Moongel was created to stop the ring and control the resonance that drummers have long time struggled with. The self adhesive gel sticks to the surface of drums, cymbals and most percussion instruments. The possibilities are endless!

By simply moving the damper pad around the surface you can eliminate unwanted tone and obtain the exact sound the situation demands. Whether it’s during a live performance, a drumming session or a studio recording Moongel helps create the perfect sound.

The beauty of Moongel is its simplicity and flexibility. It can be cut to your desired size for those situations that call for minimal damping or just add more when seeking maximum results. Moongel is highly effective on cymbals and can even be used on the resonant head. When only the most effective means of controlling a percussion instruments sound will do, percussionist turn to Moongel Damper Pads.

In a time when toilet paper and duct tape were the drum hacks for tone control; MoonGel took the market by storm. Created for drummers by a drummer, this innovative product was the simple answer that drummers had been looking for. It quickly caught on and now today it is the most highly acclaimed resonance control device on the market.

RTOM MoonGel Damper Pads Blue

• Includes 6 gel strips
• Packaged in a durable plastic carrying case
• Non-toxic
• Self-adhesive
• Reusable and washable
• Available in Clear & Blue

RTOM MoonGel Damper Pads Blue

Zijn perfect. Doen precies wat er beschreven stond
Ideaal om hinderlijke boventonen weg te krijgen
Warre en senne
De damper pads dempen zeer goed af en zorgen voor een betere geluidskwaliteit.
Doet wat het moet doen! De gels plakken door het warme weer wel erg hard aan elkaar vast..

RTOM MoonGel Damper Pads Blue


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