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Rogers RP100 Dyno-Matic Bass Drum Pedal

Much more than just a stunning tribute to its famous older brother, the Rogers ‘Swivo-Matic’ pedal, this unique, precision-crafted Dyno- Matic advances many of the original pedal’s pioneering features into the 21st Century. Loaded with user-friendly controls and extra fine- tuning capabilities, the Dyno-Matic is an ultra-versatile, nouveau classic.

Rogers RP100 Dyno-Matic Bass Drum Pedal

• Single pedal
• Top-mounted spring adjuster arm
• Height adjustable axle assambly to fit bass drums from 18?-30?
• Adjustable toe-stop
• Dual beater with quick-flip feature
• Independently adjustable beater hub
• Lever action quick-release hoop clamp
• Attack adjust feature on the footboard

Rogers RP100 Dyno-Matic Bass Drum Pedal


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