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Reflex RHTN - Reds active Humbucker

Reflex Reds were, however, a high quality product. With this full, original kit, you could expect high spec, studio-quality sound.
The system also allowed the EQ (tone) pot to be separated from the Level (volume) within the overall circuit, which made for much more specific, precise and accurate control .
All of the pickups could be built to humbucking spec (even in single coil size), and the active electronics could tailor the frequency range and harmonics to hit an exact tonality. The result would be very low noise, even with characteristically ‘single coil’ sounds. There would also be the scope to push the definition and fidelity of active pickups well beyond the capability of passives.
Comes with teh Black box preamp and pots

Reflex RHTN - Reds active Humbucker

Reflex RHTN - Reds active Humbucker


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