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Pioneer DDJ-SX2

The new DDJ-SX2 DJ controller features multi-color pads, first-in-the-industry dedicated buttons and Serato DJ's new "Serato Flip" function.

Serato Flip
The DDJ-SX2 supports “Serato Flip”, a new function of “Serato DJ” that records and calls up a maximum of six orders and intervals (sequences) of HOT CUE operations. Specially designed operation buttons are also included for one-touch recording and calling up, as well as intuitive rearrangement of musical development with repeated playback or skipping of parts of the music, etc.

Design concepts with the excellent operability of Pioneer’s professional DJ equipment have been incorporated in order to enable comfortable control of the diverse functions of DJ software.

Multicolored illuminations have been adopted on large pads for control of 8 types of “Serato DJ” function, including HOT CUE and SAMPLER. Pads’ colors and lights make it possible to apply dynamic actions to the music, such as beats and drum rolls, while immediately grasping pad mode selections and performance statuses. Also, the volume of the sampler sound can be varied depending on the strength with which the pads are hit.

A “4-CHANNEL MIXER” is featured for DJ play using 4 tracks. The levels of each channel can be grasped instantly thanks to the arrangement of a master level meter in the middle of the mixer and channel level meters next to the control interface of each channel.

Improved JOG reaction time has made it possible to perform scratching exactly as you wish. A new “HOT CUE COUNT DOWN” showing the time remaining until a HOT CUE has been added to the “ON JOG DISPLAY” in the middle of the JOG, which displays music playback status and position. By inputting a HOT CUE at the point for mixing or scratching performance, the timing until a performance can be checked.

Digital Vinyl System
With four external inputs for connection of CD players, analog turntables and microphones, etc., mixing can be performed with without going via a PC/Mac, so the “DDJ-SX2” can even be used as a standalone mixer. There are also two MASTER OUT and one BOOTH OUT outputs for additional connection of various PA equipment. Furthermore, with support for the “Serato DJ” DVS function, a purchase of the separate “Serato DJ DVS Expansion Pack” it is possible to perform “Serato DJ” deck control with CDJs or analog turntables connected to the “DDJ-SX2”.

Clear Sound
A low-jitter lock IC and high-performance DAC are adopted, and by making the most of our proprietary technology and know-how cultivated in the field of professional DJ equipment to design circuits and carry out tuning, a clear and powerful DJ sound faithful to the sound source has been realized.

Other Features
• Aluminum material used on top panel and JOG plate
• All buttons, knobs and soundcards feature “PLUG AND PLAY” with “Serato DJ”
• Cross fader curve can be adjusted to suit your preferences
• “FADER START” function enables deck play/cue operation with fader operation
• “NEEDLE SEARCH PAD” enables immediate movement to the desired playback point simply by touching the pad
• “SLIP MODE” function continues to play music in the background while playing LOOP/SCRATCH/HOT CUE, etc.
• Handle space on both sides convenient for installation
• Amplified mic input circuit with clear sound and zero distortion even with a high input sound level.
• The "TRAKTOR PRO 2" setting file will be released for supporting Native Instruments DJ software "TRAKTOR PRO 2".

Pioneer DDJ-SX2

• Software: Serato DJ
• Input ports:
-CD x 2 (RCA), Line/Phono x 2 (RCA)
-MIC x 2 (XLR & ¼ inch combined jack x 1, ¼ inch jack x 1)
• Output ports:
-Master Out x 2 (RCA x 1, XLR x 1)
-Booth Out x 1 (¼ inch jack)
-Headphone Monitor Out x 2 (front panel ¼ inch jack, MiniPin)
• Other ports: USB x 1 (B terminal)
• Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
• Total Harmonic Distortion ratio: 0.003% or less
• S/N ratio: 107 dB (PC)
• Maximum dimensions: 664 mm (W) x 353.4 mm (D) x 70.4 mm (H)
• Weight: 5.8 kg

Pioneer DDJ-SX2

Pioneer DDJ-SX2