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Pearl Snarewire SN-1420D 14"

Your snare -and in reality, your sound- deserves the upgrade Pearl's Ultra-Sound Snare Wires deliver. Designed to elevate snare sound and response to a fresh dynamic range, Ultra-Sound Wires feature Patented elements that cater specifically to the size and shell material of your snare shell.

Designed for 14" snare

Pearl Snarewire SN-1420D 14"

•Graduated Tension Mounting method
•"D" Type Features higher tension in the center wires for outstanding sensitivity; ideal for Classical/Symphonic play and wood-shell snare drums.
•unique 6mm Phosphor Bronze mounting plate with three different mounting options.
•Pearl's unique low-mass snare wires are uncoated to deliver the raw snare experience, but treated to be free of rust for years of active play.

Pearl Snarewire SN-1420D 14"


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