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Pearl PFCC 629S Cube Cajon

The cube cajon has different sounds on every side (5 sounds). Cube dimensions offers a unique size and sound. Fiberglass body with fixed snares on the front and back and a Carubinga finish. Small in stature, but large in sound, the Cube Cajon is a square 12.5" x 12.5" fiberglass cajon which features 5 diverse playing surfaces with one side ported for additional low frequency resonance. Multiple timbres are achievable via the Cube Cajon's varying wall thickness. The thinner the wall, the lower the pitch; the thicker the wall, the higher the pitch. Two sides come fixed with inner snare wires to produce a sizzling snare slap. You can play the side which fits the music! With the two-section stand (free), you can play different hights.

Pearl PFCC 629S Cube Cajon

Pearl PFCC 629S Cube Cajon


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