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Pearl EKS1455 Snare Drum

The Pearl EKS1455 Steel Black Snare in 14 "x5,5" is ideal for drumming lessons. With a robust shell and reliable hardware as well as a great playing feel it is a great entry into the world of pearl snare drums. Pearl steel snare drum with a Black Finish is a high quality, sensitive, and responsive drum for a positive student experience on a full-sized drum.

Pearl EKS1455 Snare Drum

• Manufacturer: Pearl
• Shell Material: Steel
• Shell Surface: Lacquered Matte
• Shell Hardware: Chrome
• Shell Size (inches): 14
• Shell Depth (inches): 5.5
• Tuning Safeguard: No
• Number of Lugs per Side: 8
• Shell Thickness (mm): 1

Pearl EKS1455 Snare Drum


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