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Nexi Industries Nexi Compressor

The tone wizards at NEXI are committed to providing a unique vintage tone without compromise. The Compressor CMP-01-UD single pedal gives you ultimate tone control but still keeps your tone natural sounding. Whether you're using the pedal to help bring out your guitar in the mix or using it for techniques such as tapping for consistent volume the NEXI Compressor has you covered.

All NEXI pedals are True Bypass, are hybrid designed, and all are tailor-made to click ‘n play so that you are the master your tone from the get go. This means the NEXI Compressor can be used standalone with a 9V battery, external power supply, or simply click it in NEXI’s revolutionary - The Solution - pedal board.

The creators at NEXI are all guitarists, with most having been on multiple tours and have even been awarded the Red Dot and iF Design Awards for their excellent product design. No one understands your needs better. All this combines to help you create a clear beautiful tone with as little fuss as possible.

Nexi Industries Nexi Compressor

Click and play
True Bypass

Nexi Industries Nexi Compressor


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