Marshall 2551AV baffle guitare grande
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Marshall 2551AV

A super stylish 4x12” Silver Jubilee reissue in silver vinyl. This cabinet contains four 70W Celestion G12 Vintage speakers and can be partnered with the 2555X for a Silver Jubilee stack, perfect for anyone looking to recreate that 80’s look.

Marshall 2551AV

• Model: 2551AV

• Inputs: 2

• Speaker configuration: 4x12"
• Speaker model: Celestion G12 Vintage (70W)
• Unit impedance: 16/4O mono, 8O stereo
• Power handling: 280W

• Width: 770 mm / 30.3"
• Depth: 365 mm / 14.4"
• Height: 755 mm / 29.7"

Marshall 2551AV


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