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Mackie PA-A2 Eyebolt Kit

The PA-A2 Eyebolt Kit is made specifically for your Mackie HDA loudspeaker. Suspending speakers is serious work that should only ever be done by certified, professional contractors - and they need qualified, professional mounting hardware to do the job right. Get the PA-A2 Eyebolt Kit for your HDA loudspeakers, and your contractors will thank you for having the right tools for the job on-hand.

Mackie PA-A2 Eyebolt Kit

The only eyebolts your contractors should use with your Mackie HDA loudspeakers
Contains four eyebolts and four washers
To be used only by certified, professional contractors

Mackie PA-A2 Eyebolt Kit

Mackie PA-A2 Eyebolt Kit


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