Line 6 DUOVERB Head tête ampli guitare modélisation
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Line 6 DUOVERB Head

With over 60 years of historic, legendary amp models, Duoverb screams pure, true-to-life sounds. The Duoverb has the look and feel of a classic, but with the mind and soul of a visionary.

With its innovative two amps at the same time (the secret of many guitar heroes' tone) and a range of handcrafted boutiques to vintage classics, every amp model in Duoverb is a tone machine waiting to be unleashed. The Duoverb will take a bullet for you on the road, be sharp in the studio and take the tone in your hands and scream at the world.

Line 6 DUOVERB Head

•Vintage versatility: 16 essential amp models
•Award-winning Point-to-Point modeling technology
•Simultaneous dual amp capability
•Professional touring quality cabinet & chassis
•Powerful 100-watt stereo power amp
•Includes an amp I/II footswitch
•4 programmable amp channel memories
•Dual XLR direct output
•66cm x 26cm x 25cm

Line 6 DUOVERB Head


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