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Latin Percussion LP442F Finger Shot

LP’s original One Shot Shaker was a revolution in shaker design. With its single live striking area, it gave percussionists the ability to play complex rhythms with a precision that was previously impossible with traditional shakers. LP’s new Finger Shot Shaker scales down that same concept, giving a new definition to the term “hand percussion.” In essence, the Finger Shot is a mini versions of the One Shot Shaker, designed to attach easily to a player’s fingers by means of elastic ribbons. Rhythmic patterns can be created simply by moving the hands up and down in the air. The more a Finger Shot is used; the louder and more distinctive the shaker sound.The Finger Shot is also perfect for adding a subtle nuance to rhythms played on congas, bongos, or a cajon. The miniature size of the Finger Shot lets it make its musical contribution without interfering with the player’s drumming technique.

Latin Percussion LP442F Finger Shot

Only one striking area, eliminating shadow or ghost strokes
Comfortable elastic ribbon for a secure fit
Simplifies complex rhythm patterns

Latin Percussion LP442F Finger Shot

Helemaal top voor combi met cajon, klinkt als hihat
Unknown user
als je als enige percussionist bent is het echt een aanvulling.

Latin Percussion LP442F Finger Shot


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