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Latin Percussion LP1231 Jam Bell High Pitch Blue

LP Cowbells are handmade in the USA using the same exact specifications developed by LP Founder Martin Cohen over 40 years ago. All LP cowbells are crafted from premium quality steel and specially developed tooling with careful attention given to tolerance levels. Designed to meet all musical needs and fit into any genre, LP has created a large variety of LP bells, each offering different pitches and sound characteristics. All mounted cowbells feature the famous forged eye-bolt clamp assembly with oversized wing nuts that provide secure placement on 3⁄8" diameter mounting rods with only finger tightening. Unique shape creates high pitched sounds. Little sustain makes them perfect for playing accents. Available in two sizes: the smallest and highest pitched LP bells.

Latin Percussion LP1231 Jam Bell High Pitch Blue

3.5" mountable, blue binish
High pitch
Short sustain, perfect for accents
LP forged eye-bolt assembly provides a sure grip to any 3/8" diameter rod.

Latin Percussion LP1231 Jam Bell High Pitch Blue


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