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Kuppmen RCDS5A RebounControl Drumsticks

Want that acoustic feel on your electric kit? Play with the new Kuppmen RCDS5A RebounControl Drumsticks. Less rebound, more control. Carbon fiber sticks with innovative bounce regulation. Same weight, shape, size and balance as regular drumsticks. An innovative carbon fiber drumstick especially for playing on mesh heads. This drumsticks reduce the enormous rebound on the mesh heads because of an innovative bounce regulation damper in the stick.

The main difference is the rebound; we managed to produce a drumstick that reduces the rebound. A drumstick with a kind of shock absorber in it. The rebound of the RebounControl drumstick on a mesh head is similar the same to the rebound of a normal drumstick on an acoustic drum set.

Kuppmen RCDS5A RebounControl Drumsticks

5A: Diameter: 14.2 mm | Length: 40.5 cm

Kuppmen RCDS5A RebounControl Drumsticks


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