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JB Systems Rack Case 6U

JB Systems has released a new series of flightcases with the tag 'JV-case'. This new series of flightcases and flightcase accessories is expanding and this 19" flightcase is an addition. All cases are provided with an aluminium extrusion, protective corners, handles and are made from solid 9mm plywood. The interior is fitted with a 19" sliding rack that allows you to easily mount your gear in the flightcase. Only the nuts, bolts and rings that are necessary for installing the device are included, so you can have your rackcase set up the way you like it in no time!
This 6U case is suited for top/sub sets that are often powered by two amplifiers. You also have room for a crossover and a connector panel so your complete amplifier and filtering set fits into one flightcase. This way you won't have to carry your amplifiers one by one. This flightcase is rather deep so it also has room for larger amplifiers that are used for the lower tones. This 19" rackcase has the same high quality as other cases from the series.

JB Systems Rack Case 6U

• High-quality, standard 19" flightcase
• Depth: 450mm (of which 400mm can be used)
• Solid 9mm plywood construction
• Detachable lid at the front and the back
• Aluminium 19" sliding rack at the front and the sides
• Including all bolts, nuts and washers
• shock-proof
• 2 professional 'flip handle' handles
• 4 butterfly locks
• Dimensions: 527x630x299mm

JB Systems Rack Case 6U


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