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Hal Leonard Piano Life - Lesboek 1

In lesson book 1 you will learn the first principles of playing the piano. After a first orientation on the keyboard, an explanation of the playing position and the use of the numbering of the fingers, learning to read notes starts in the central C-position. The songs are presented in a carefully chosen ascending level of difficulty. Each song is provided on the CD with both an example and a play-along track. Between the songs you will find listening, rhythm, improvisation and theory exercises. After a while, in addition to the full score reading (double bar with G and F clef), the lead sheet reading is introduced (melody line in the G clef with chord symbols). The CD only contains a play-along track of the lead sheets, so that you are also stimulated to develop a sound presentation of the songs yourself. In addition to traditionals, this book contains a large number of new compositions by Michiel Merkies in various contemporary music styles. Several of these have already been used in the Keyboard World method and have proven their success in practice. Lesson Book 1 includes two completely new CDs produced by Peter Favier. A pleasure during practice and in piano lessons.

Hal Leonard Piano Life - Lesboek 1

Hal Leonard Piano Life - Lesboek 1


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