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Engl E762 Retro Tube 50

Take a step into a world of some of the most amazing tones ENGL has ever created and journey into vintage soundscapes. The new ENGL Retro Tube 50 head features two channels of retro sound variety. Channel One offers warm and silken or well-dressed, sparkling clean sounds and very harmonic crunch sounds with ENGL's version of Class A character. Channel Two is a perfectly suited warm overdrive channel offering a wide range of retro tones for the ambitious guitar player.

100% cutting in the studio. 100% convincing on the stage. 50 watts of Retro Tube power. It's so organic, it's almost alive.
Fabriqué en Allemagne

Engl E762 Retro Tube 50

2 Channels, Clean, Lead, Gain boost switch for both channels, Bright switch for the clean channel, Tone switch for the lead channel, separated Gain and Volume controls for each Channel, two 3-band EQs, Noise Gate with threshold adjust for the lead channel with gain boost on, FX loop (serial to parallel adjustable) switchable via foot switch, 4x ECC83 tubes

Master Section:
50 Watts (2x EL34 tubes), second Master Volume available via foot switch and controllable at the rear panel

Speaker Outs (1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 2x8, 2x16)

Compatible foot switches:
Z-3, Z-4, Z-9 S.A.C.

Dimensions & Weight:
71 x 27 x 29 cm, 21kg

Engl E762 Retro Tube 50


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