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Earsonics Earpad

The Universal Earpad offers the same technological features as the custom models with medium attenuation. Particularly suitable for listening to music because of its quality of reproduction, the latter becomes the high-end solution for high fidelity listening.

Equipped with a very flexible and hypoallergenic silicone tips, it adapts perfectly to all hearing canals and the comfort of use remains astounding.

Particularly small, it can be worn in all circumstances…. and in all discretion.

A clever alternative to test the Earpad sound before switching to the custom version ...

Comes with a very practical case for storage and a lanyard, Earpad is always within reach. With an average attenuation of 15 dB, makes it truly a universal protector and is the reason why it is already popular with musicians.

Earsonics Earpad

Earsonics Earpad

Earsonics Earpad


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