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Ear-Q Foam Ear Plugs

The unique patent pending Ear-Q acoustic filter provides a large open air passage into the ear, minimising the occlusion effect whilst keeping the ear ventilated for the ultimate user comfort.

Ear-Q acoustic filters use membranes according to a patented membrane technology. The membranes are designed to have the biggest surface in the given form factor. Since the membrane is made of a breathable material, this leads to optimal breathing of the filter, which enables moisture in the ear canal to escape keeping the ear canal cool and providing all day comfort. The advanced membrane is tuned to maintain natural hearing, speech being clearly heard.

• Packed per two pieces, one set
• Includes luxurious blister
• Includes manual in English, German, French, Spanish & Dutch language
• Comes with a durable handy metal box

Ear-Q Foam Ear Plugs

Ear-Q Foam Ear Plugs

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Ear-Q Foam Ear Plugs


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